Burrage Law Firm making a difference in Antlers classrooms
5/3/16, 4:10 PM



DURANT – A new school building means many new things. New experiences. New students. New options for learning. Burrage Law Firm is bringing more new things to Antlers Elementary School with the donation of $30,000 for new furniture for the classrooms.

Antlers has needed a new school building for years, since their elementary school building was built as a WPA project. The project has been mapped out, the only thing the school needed was funding. Various financial options had been explored, but it wasn’t until a stimulus package was passed by government that the school saw a potential for success. But the funding only went so far. There was no money left over for furniture and other necessities for education.

With the contribution of $30,000, the students and teachers at Antlers Elementary will have new desks, new chairs and other new equipment to outfit their new classrooms. It should all be in place by July 31st for a fresh start for the 2011-2012 school year.

“We at Antlers public Schools greatly appreciate this donation. It is truly wonderful when alumni of Antlers Public Schools give back to our community,” responded Superintendent Mark Virden.